#140rit is a preview of #140cuse

Tuesday, April 3rd 7:00pm | Ingle Auditorium

10 minute burst presentations with faculty and student experts.
Presenting Jeff Pulver, serial entrepreneur and early founders of Vonage.
Reception to follow conference, Fireside Lounge – chance to meet Jeff Pulver.

  • The #140rit events provide a platform for the worldwide twitter community to: listen, connect, share and engage with each other, while collectively exploring the effects of the emerging real-time internet on business.
  • Our schedule is unique and fast paced featuring 10 minute burst presentations. It is our intention to provide a platform for as many people as possible to share their thoughts and engage in conversation with the attending delegates.

Anthony Rotolo

SU’s iSchool

Twitter: @rotolo
Web: rotolo.syr.edu
Location: Syracuse, NY

Professor at Syracuse U @iSchoolSU. I teach Social Media (#RotoloClass) & Star Trek (#TrekClass). Chief Explorer at #NEXIS. Geek. Speaker. Rockstar from Mars.

Isaac Budmen

Little Tinker Co.

Twitter: @ibudmen
Web: LittleTinker.co
Location: Syracuse

co-founder of http://LittleTinker.co

Jeff Keni Pulver

State of NOW

Twitter: @jeffpulver
Web: jeffpulver.com
Location: New York

Technology Anthropologist; Entrepreneur; Early-Stage Seed Investor; story teller, Living in Social Media. Producer of #140conf

Greg Pollock

Professioanla dn rtechnical Comm. Major in the College of Liberal Arts

Twitter: @but_greg_said
Web: facebook.com/afgreggo219
Location: Rochester, NY

President of RIT’s Student Government; an aspiring social media celebrity (at least at RIT) known as having an unstoppable, unflappable drive to inspire others

Tianna Manon

Journalism Major, College of Liberal Arts, RIT

Twitter: @TiannaManon
Web: talkback4teens.com
Location: Rochester, NY

Managing Editor of new site: talkback4teens.com, which focuses on all hyper-local youth news and perspectives. May also be Mrs. Bruce Wayne

Erin Supinka

Journalism Major, College of Liberal Arts, RIT

Twitter: @RIT_Erin
Web: facebook.com/5RITStudents
Location: Rochester, NY

Journalism student at RIT and self-proclaimed social media obsessor. Just trying to show people social media can be your friend

Geoffrey Blosat

RIT’s Saunders College of Business, majoring in International Business and concentrating in Marketing

Twitter: @GeoffTBlosat
Web: geoffreyblosat.com
Location: Rochester, NY

International Business and Marketing student at RIT looking to take my global marketing and networking knowledge and make a career out of them

Mike Johansson

RIT’s College of Liberal Arts

Twitter: @mikefixs
Web: mikejohansson.com
Location: Rochester, NY

Social media strategist and lecturer in PR and Journalism; grew up in NZ, discovered real living in Europe and settled in the U.S.; annoyingly optimistic.